pilates in brighton studio

Tula Training Ltd is the new training company of  Pilates in Brighton the premier pilates studio in Brighton, Kemptown. We offer a growing range of Pilates classes, clinical pilates and physiotherapy. We have a plan to introduce new accredited health & well-being training courses.

The new courses we will be introducing include Exercise for Back Pain, Exercise for Scoliosis, Intermediate mat work Pilates, Advanced mat work Pilates, Pilates with small equipment, Pilates on the foam roller, Pilates using the ball, Pilates with the magic circle and Pilates with the band.

Our variety of classes have something for everyone whether you are experiencing back pain, pilates classes for total beginners, beginners, intermediate, and advanced. We have 10 teachers each with different training backgrounds and specialities ( back pain, scoliosis, small equipment, ante post natal, sports injuries, hyper flexibility. There’s so much to learn from our talented team and you’ll have the opportunity during the course too try out different classes!